Business & Corporate Events

Something different for your business / corporate event?  You've come to the right place.

Available for Business and Corporate events, such as

Trade Shows / Exhibitions / Product Promo
Excellent for bringing enquiring minds to your stand for, a free gift with a difference! 


Team Building and Training Days
Caricatures are a great ice breaker, creating smiles and laughter, a conversation starter! 


Work Parties and Dinners 
Or even just a little extra something for the workforce!

Visualizing Boards

Vix Caricatures also offers visualizing sessions.

Illustrations and Cartoons to reference what has been happening throughout the day.
Discussions, meetings, ideas, Strategy, Teamwork, Concepts and brainstorming.
These can be done on Paper, or Digital using an Ipad Pro / Apple Pencil.
The Digital method has an advantage here, due to the ability to edit as much as needed.

Live Caricature Drawing
There are 2 options

Digital: Ipad / Apple Pencil Caricatures

All images would be emailed across to each person on the spot, and available to be sent to one person to be used as you wish.   Colour or Black and White.   Printing is available at further cost - A6 Size for Lanyard Wallets, or A4

* Logo / Background / template bodies can be pre-drawn and added.

Traditional: Markers and Paper Caricatures

These would be black with grey shading. A4 in size.

Walk-about or Static set up is available for both, which ever suits your event best.
I tend to recommend for businesses, digital is the way to go.

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