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Weddings - Live Attendance

I have the absolute Pleasure of attending over 150 weddings every year in England and Wales.

The majority of live attendance wedding bookings I have are for that something extra along side the evening reception. Another popular sitting booked is during photo's after the ceremony, before the wedding breakfast. Or even both! I am also available to table hop during the meal!

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Caricatures are popular, but they are still very much considered as that something unique & different, to make your wedding stand out from the crowd! Many past clients tell me that for weeks / months after, people are still raving about the caricatures! their social media profile pictures change, they get popped in picture frames and hung in their homes! 


How it works 


I would set up a small space in your reception, consisting of a couple of chairs, a roller banner and easel, and i'm ready to start! 

It's ideal to get bride and groom to sit first, great for getting the ball rolling! If not, my charm also works! I find this set up works better then mix & mingle, as I end up with a queue. I also get more drawings done. But of course, I am also happy to move and mingle as well.


Kind, Funny & Loved by Everyone


Doubles as entertainment and wedding favours 


Every one of my past clients have absolutely loved this special addition to their day


Part of the fun is watching me draw, if not getting a picture themselves


Includes a separate album on my Facebook Business Page with all the pictures 

You have a choice of B/W (no shading) - average of 20-25 ppl per hour or B/W (with grey shading) 12-15 ppl per hour

From beginning to end and beyond, I am happy to chat, any queries you may have please feel free to get in touch!

For a no-obligation quote, or just some information

Click Here for my Contact Page

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