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Caricatures at your Weddings

Excited to begin a brand new blogging page here at Vix Caricatures.

I thought firstly i'd talk about the most busiest part of my business - Live Drawing at Weddings!

I absolutely love weddings!

I attend on average about 150 weddings per year, draw roughly 70 people per wedding... that's.... *Gets Calculator up on her phone* ...10,500 people per year at weddings alone! phew, that's a lot of beautiful faces, fabulous people I get the pleasure of drawing.

It really is a pleasure. So many beautiful Brides & dashingly handsome Grooms.

Everyone dressed up to the nines with their best frocks, rocking their favourite suits, shiny shoes, pointy stilettos, some with their fascinators, some without, hair up, hair down, straight, curly, spikey, slick... Enjoying a fabulous day watching their loved ones tie the knot! Filling up with a mountain of tasty foods, whether it be a three course meal, hog roast, bbq, pizzas, party food, sweet cart or something else!

partying the night away, boogying on down, especially when their song comes on (and it always does!)

Enjoying the party extras like a photo-booth / magic mirror / casino / magician / live band / caricaturist...*winks*

And I am honoured, to be a part of this wonderful beautiful day.

Have a browse through my wedding pages - Wedding Page

If you'd like to know more, feel free to get in touch - Contact Page

What ever you choose for your special day, I hope it's an amazing day, and everything you thought it would be. Have a blast! x

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